It’s time to rebuild DevOps

System Initiative is a collaborative power tool designed to remove the papercuts from DevOps work.

Intelligent Automation

Full-fidelity models use their relationships to infer configuration dynamically, then automatically generate any necessary code for you.
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Fast Feedback Loops

Qualifications give immediate insight into the viability of your configuration, and let you encode policy directly into the simulation.
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Focused collaboration

Fully multiplayer visual interface provides easy collaboration between experts - the heart of DevOps work.
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Delightful customization

Add new functionality, enforce policy - everything is a TypeScript function sitting on a reactive hypergraph.
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What our Users are Saying

Want to join the second wave of DevOps?

We believe in the foundational aspirations of DevOps - but we know that the way we do DevOps today causes most of us to suffer thousands of tiny paper cuts and mediocre outcomes. We must change our assumptions about what’s possible if we want more. It’s time for Second Wave DevOps.

The heart of DevOps has always been collaboration across disciplines. It took a massive community to build what we have - and it will take all of us to get where we’re going. Come join us on Discord, and lets talk about building the second wave together.

That’s why the System Initiative software will be completely open source soon. We’ll fill you in on our progress on the news page. For real-time updates and to wax philosophical about what’s possible in DevOps, join us on Discord: