Hiring Process

Here's what you can expect when applying for a job at System Initiative.

  • Applying: We will review your application for the relevant skills required for the role, prior work experience, and communication abilities. We will follow up with you within one week upon receipt of your application.
  • Initial Meeting: A 20-minute meeting with the Hiring Manager to determine if we should proceed to a formal interview. This is an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about the role and System Initiative. We believe it's vital that you get the information required to decide if the position and System Initiative are right for you. We will follow up with you within three working days after the meeting.
  • Engineering Assessment: Before proceeding to a formal interview, we want to ensure you have the requisite technical skills for the role. The Software Engineer assessment should take you no more than 4 hours.
  • Interview: 4 ~45-minute Interviews. We will articulate whom you are meeting with and the specific topics we are looking to discuss in each Interview. We will cover your technical skills, prior work experience, problem-solving ability, communication skills, behavioral work style, and personality characteristics. Additionally, we will provide you with detailed information about the company and any other information you would like to understand better. We will follow up with you within one working day of the Interview.
  • Reference Checks: Before making an offer, we would like to speak with the 2 to 3 references you have provided to understand better what it's like to work with you. We will never contact your current employer without your permission. We try to complete reference checks as quickly as possible.
  • Offer: We believe giving our best offer upfront is the right approach for us and new employees. We research several factors to determine a market rate offer and target cash and equity compensation at the high end of the range. This approach allows us to be fair to everyone we extend offers to and not have discrepancies in salary and equity compensation. Additionally, we will articulate pertinent details about medical benefits, 401k, paid time off (PTO) policy, and other essential items.